Trading / Investing

How do I invest using Mirror Wallet?

You can invest by buying and selling Mirrored Assets

What can I invest in?

Any assets made available within the application

Is trading or investing limited to only real market hours?

No, any assets listed in the application are purchasable at any time of the day (24hrs), and orders are fulfilled nearly instantaneously.

What token do I need to start the trading?

In order to trade, you must hold UST tokens. UST is used as a main means of payment for Mirrored Asset purchase and transactions.

How to obtain Mirrored Assets?

On Mirror Wallet, you can buy Mirrored Assets using UST tokens, or deposit Mirrored Assets to your wallet from an external source.

How to buy/sell Mirrored Assets?

Mirrored Assets can be purchased or sold under the Invest option in the wallet. Follow the guides for step-by-step instructions on how to buy and sell Mirrored Assets.

Is there a minimum or upper limit amount for each trade?

The minimum trading amount is 1 UST. Maximum is the amount available in your account.

What is the transaction fee?

Fees default to 0.1% and are capped at 1%

How often are prices updated?

Mirrored Assets' pricing is updated every 6 seconds by a decentralized price oracle.