Account and Security

How to create a new account

Creating a new account for your Mirror Wallet is easy. Just follow the on-screen instructions or see the detailed guide.

You must have a registered email account with either Google, Facebook or Apple in order to create a new account with the Mirror Wallet app.

How to back up my private key or seed phrase

With Mirror Wallet, there is no cryptic seed phrase or private key that you need to remember or save. Security is greatly simplified through the use of your email account for wallet creation and management.

How to recover an account if the password is forgotten

Select 'Forgot Password' from the login screen and simply provide the email account in which you previously used to create the wallet.

How to change my password

Under the Wallet Setting, you can find the option to change your password.

How do we protect your account by using email providers such as Google, Apple and Facebook?

We use a mainstream distributed key management service (Torus Labs) that takes advantage of the existing authentication solutions (such as OAuth2) provided through Google, Apple and Facebook, whom are recognized as industry leading providers in security standards, to help ensure the safety for the users and their accounts.

If Mirror Wallet uses your email address and provider for authentication, does that mean we can access your personal information and contacts?

No! When you first create your Mirror Wallet account by specifying your email login, we only request for the minimal public information. The email authentication is only used for the purpose of verifying your identity, and not for obtaining or accessing your personal information.

What if I lose access to my Google/Apple/Facebook Account?

Since your private key is associated with your email account, if you ever forget or lose your Google/Apple/Facebook account password, you must go through the password recovery process provided by Google/Apple/Facebook. Follow your email provider's security recommendations to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) or account recovery codes, to maximize security and protection for your email account. If you decide to use account recovery codes, be sure to back them up and keep them safe.

Can the Mirror Wallet team help to recover your Account?

Unfortunately NO.

Mirror Wallet is a non-custodial app which means users have full control of their account access and funds. We, at the Mirror Wallet team, have no way of accessing your accounts or recovering your accounts. It is important that users take responsibility and appropriate actions to protect your own logins and accounts.

As we use the authentication mechanisms provided by Google/Apple/Facebook for for security and identity verification, we also rely on their service for account recovery and management. That means users would need to go through the standard recovery process directly with Google/Apple/Facebook. Users should ensure that they become familiar with the recovery process and the security requirements offered by their email providers.

What if my email account with Google/Apple/Facebook is hacked?

Please keep your passwords safe and follow the best practices to protect your email logins. Take full advantage of the advanced security options provided by your email providers. Use two-factor authentication or two-step verification, enable alerts on unrecognized logins.

If your email account with Google/Apple/Facebook is hacked, the hackers can gain access to your Mirror Wallet account.

How do I change the email account associated with my Mirror Wallet account?

At the moment, you can create a new Mirror Wallet account using your new email address, and transfer the assets and funds (mAssets, UST, Luna, MIR etc.) from your existing account to your new account.