About Us

Mirror Wallet — a fully non-custodial wallet maintained by ATQ Capital ( https://atqcapital.com ) — launches with a trading experience to rival the $11 billion-valued stock trading app Robinhood. Mirror Wallet allows users to purchase synthetic assets tracking the prices of the 12 most popular US technology stocks, including Apple, Google, Tesla, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon, and Alibaba, using TerraUSD. Bitcoin and Tether will soon be accepted for the purchase of synthetic assets as well. Users of Mirror Wallet can purchase fractional shares, which, given the expense of top-trading stocks, further increases accessibility.

Mirror Wallet is built on Mirror Protocol ( https://mirror.finance ), the first synthetic assets protocol that tracks the price of stocks, futures, exchange-traded funds, and other traditional financial assets. By enabling the minting of synthetic assets — Mirrored Assets (mAssets) that "mirror" the price behavior of real-world assets by reflecting the exchange prices on-chain — Mirror Protocol democratizes access to US equities and other assets that have been historically difficult to approach for anyone based outside of the United States.

New assets beyond the initial 12 synthetics tracking the most popular US technology stocks can be introduced by anyone holding MIR tokens — the governance token of the Mirror Protocol. The proposal would be put to a vote, and if the Decentralized Autonomous Organization responsible for Mirror's governance passes the proposal, the new asset would be added.

Disclaimer: Mirror Wallet may not be available for use in some jurisdictions, and may have limited functionality in others. Users should do their own research to determine whether using Mirror wallet is compliant with local securities regulations.